a fun trip in my life

yesterday, me and my family went to a recreation park. we had lots of fun! I took a few shots if my trip. Here they are:


I was wearing a pair of sneakers.


This is my cool hat (i thought).


This is my pic with my little sister. (I think she hates me because may be that’s the reason she’s not smiling whenever I took a picture with her).


hahaha, this is selfie pic.
I was wearing:
Top: GirlXpress (from Kmart)
Shorts: from Sportsgirl
Handbag: Joger (from Bali)
Necklace: from Diva

And then, we had some lunch at a restaurant.


And this is the very last pic, I was feeding stupid fishes… lol so crowded!!

I think I have to click the ‘publish’ button, so thank you for reading this post.

much love,


A day of my life

Hey, today me and my family going to a mall. We have lots of fun!!!


Eww,, my face.

Okay, so, first we bought some stuff. Actually my older sister did. Not the whole family. :p she bought a pair if shoes and jeans. I’m jelly.

Because we’re hungry, we’re going to have some lunch.
This is my pic (so weird). Eww


And then, we went to “Amazone” (it’s a game centre or whatever, I don’t know). 

I got some coins.


Just a few…


My sister really enjoy it ^ And so, me and my sissy play a ‘candy factory’ machine. It’s sooo cool we got lots of candies.


After a few later, we went home.

Relaxing…. =_=

Gud bye!!